We have one life. Look around you, you are more beautiful than you were a moment ago.

Our fear limits us to tune into our super abilities. The con in life is not how well we can BS our way to success by hustling the ‘fake it till you make it’ slogan or trash talking.

Friends come and go. Being honest is key, but if you are too honest, you are too good to be true. So hold back on the holy tongue as everyone moves at on their own pace.

Call yourself a man when you can be strong enough to admit when you are wrong. Treat women with respect, cause if you don’t, your past vibrations can catch up to your kids one day.

Don’t control people or worry about what they are thinking. All that is out of your control. Smile and laugh as often as you can, cause our energy is borrowed until we discover who we really are.

Before our lifetime is up, don’t ever have moments of what you could have done today. As they will only be echoes in your head as no one will have known of your greatness, if you let it flow by you like a whisper.


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