There are people that succeed in ways at times we don’t understand. We wonder in awe, how they did it and got there. We talk about achieving this or that in our lifetime to our peers. But 20 yrs later, we are still at the same place. The question is not what drives the person, or if that person is better than you or me. The question is how she/he made use of the empty space between the talking we all did about doing, rather than just doing it. Knowledge is all around you, its how you make use of that knowledge that sets you apart from everyone around you. Its that simple.

There is empty space in between the pauses that people make as they are thinking and in the millisecond, if you are smart and can read their body language and facial expressions, you might just read their thoughts, before they utter their next word. And that right there will give you the advantage in your conversation. If you can manage to do this, you might just end up doing anything you set your mind too! Wouldn’t that be amazing.

by: Raaj Brar

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