Imagine the world around you, your lifestyle, your loved ones, the materialistic things you take for granted, all gone.

Imagine you were standing alone in a different part of this planet and you had to make it, you had to survive.

Imagine you could not trust anyone.

Imagine your thoughts and opinions don’t really matter.

Now imagine you are a seven year old girl. And within the next 24 hours you will be raped, lied too, treated like a worthless slave, beaten and no one will come to your aid or help.

Imagine now that you would rather die, but can’t. As your freedom of choice is no longer yours…

Now imagine you are back in your own life. Are your issues, problems, really as bad as what life is for some people around the world? I didn’t think so.

Our time here as ‘who we are’ is borrowed. Make the most of your gifts and make a difference in the people around you. Excuses are for cowards. We need more brave hearts of the world to rise up and do the extraordinary.

Giving in any form of act is priceless.


by: Raaj Brar

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