I seem to have lost what it is that I am working for? I seem to have lost love. The breathe of her fragrance in the morning, to her tender touch on my face. I cannot seem to understand where it all went. I wonder if my soul is alive in the right era or an echo of death rendering some form of punishment from love? I wonder how the face of my love looks as its always in sight, but never obtainable. If people think I know what love is, I laugh and tell them, “I am lost my friend and finding my way back. Life seems to be giving me random acts of love, kindness and laughter from strangers. Which seems to be keeping me sane. I understand, lust, passion and sex, but that’s not love.”

Throwing yourself back into the mix with both feet without the fear of falling, paves a path to a new beginning. I am not afraid of the fall or being alone. I am afraid of not trying.


by: Raaj Brar

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