This is the place where you can see what I have done.  What my thoughts are on things I have experienced or going on in the world.  My recent projects that I am working on or thinking about.

When your going 0 to 100 really fast, you forget to step back, relax and smell the flowers.  I always knew I had these unique little gifts, but I am always on the rush and never stopped to really figure out what I am do with all that is given to me.  The burning question of most people’s mind is; “Why are we here?”

That’s the center for where all discussions can flow.  Then the second thought is; “What’s our purpose?”

Again two great questions that can take a lifetime of exploration and still then you will never truly have the answer.  In my experience its not the answer one should be looking for like a mad man.  Its the journey in between the quest.  People need to be driven by something.  If your not, your in a prison of your own doing.   People lock themselves up for no reason; build up fear and stop themselves from growing.  Some might call these people as, “Walking Dead.”

Not this is not it.  It never will be it.  There will never be absolute proof to anything.  Can you prove the love between your child and you?  Can you prove how you love someone?  If you say yes, your full of crap.  I am talking about feelings.  Emotions.  Its a sense within our chemical human body ruled by our spirit or soul, same thing.

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