So you thought maybe you can, or its just not your thing.  But as you turn away the itch has already started, “What if…”

What if I could?  That is all one needs to start the blood flowing or at times boiling through your doubts to stir the passion and motivation to get started.

People make so many excuses not to do things.  Most of the things they actually need to do are good for their health, mind and soul.  But they won’t do them.  It’s either one reason or another, until they reach their death bed and then they will be telling everyone.  Only if I did this at my age.

I often get asked what was my movitation to do the things I did, with little or no support from anyone.  It was easy, I always knew inside I wasn’t a loser.  I may lose a day, or fail at something 100 times.  But I was never going to give up.  Never.  The lessons I mounted on as knowledge to me were priceless and I used them at every moment to give me courage when no one would.  After you get a few victories under your belt, you will understand, that approval from anyone is not needed in any choices you need to make in your life.  It’s your life.

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