Why is it called, ‘Dark Energy,’ perhaps the word ‘dark’ references to not being able to see what is attacking our soul/spirit.  We all have at one point or another encountered this dark energy.  At times it was in small doses and other times powerful enough to wipe out your current positive state of life. 


There are a lot of theories out there around how it effects you; from people doing voodoo on you, to bad karma, to just born under the wrong star or sun according to fortune tellers.   I believe most or all of that is BS.   People only believe them to be true, because they bought into it with their own imagination.  A thought that spreads into a creative process is lethal; is a good way or negative way.  The only person that can control any of this is you!  Either you are going to believe everyone else and ignore your own feelings, instincts that you were born with and let others be the caption of your life.  Or your going to be the caption.


If your not thinking about it, it can’t effect you.  The mind is connected to the spirit, the way to succeed is to focus on the positive.  I have heard from lots of people that in their heavy dark times, they can’t focus or escape the negative thoughts.  Ok, I can relate and understand that.  Then why not push yourself out there to do a good deed.  Walk or drive downtown and if you have homeless people, go give them some food, blankets or any kind of help you can without money.  I helped the homeless youth shelter for kids 14 to 24 that ran away from home.  I donated shoes, shirts, shampoo, tooth brushes, etc.   Bottom line is this, when you focus on others and push yourself in their energy to do good, you are building your confidence, and mental strength.  As you will know that your soul have more to offer in this world and the possibilities are limitless.  And the excuses not to do anything are also endless.  It is really a battle of good and evil in your mind when dark energy takes over.


You never will get rid of it.  Its like a scar, it stays with you for life.  But you can steal from it what it took from you, and use it for positive purposes.  You don’t need to the bitch underneath someone else’s thumb, you can turn the tables.  This step requires a bit of courage and fearlessness to achieve.  But as you should know about the cycle of life is that without pain there is no gain.

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