Two totally different things. Sometimes they work together, but don’t really need one or the other to work. Most single people don’t get that; and remain single looking for the wrong things with strings attached.

LOVE: Has two faces: internal and external. Meaning what we need and what we give out. Again two totally different things which people tend to mush together as one. Internal love focuses on self; our needs, desires, fantasies and fetishes. If we ignore this we kill a bit of ourselves. If we explore this without the intent to hurt others in the process, our character and self grow as well. We are more confident. More ambitious. External love is people mostly faking it to get social approval.  You pretend to be something your not to get approval so that you can fit in.  People do this because of their insecurities.  They don’t want to feel alone anymore.  Majority of the people are fake, and they have been doing it for so long that they don’t even realize that they have paralyzed themselves from discovering who they were really meant to be.  Now ask yourself, are you living like any of the above?

RELATIONSHIPS: Is a promise to be with another. To devote your time, energy and soul to your partner. To promise not to lie, or cheat or be unfaithful. Love exists here but it’s much deeper. And it’s never the same as it changes with time as the relationship grows. Relationships are not easy. You almost have to think of your partner before yourself. Did they eat? Are they happy? Are they driven in life? Relationships requires more than a partner, a best friend! A soul mate kind of connection so strong you can feel their pain or happiness without them saying a word. How many are living this life?

BAD BOY EFFECT: You might be in this place right now, or know someone that is, or this was your past.  Where you were in a abusive relationship, because you felt you couldn’t do any better.   Some of the most beautiful people in the world give their best selves up for the ugliest and most undeserving people on the planet.  And they do it with the best of intentions.  With the hope that the person they are putting up with will change.  That their affection, big heart, unconditional love, support for that person will make them better.  And every day you are proven wrong, a bit of you dies.  Not because your not strong enough, but because you decided to stay in this relationship.  This negative, dark energy will suck everything that is best in you and kill it.  Here is the thing your not going to like me saying, the dark energy is not doing anything to you.  You are doing it to yourself.  Like an alcoholic, your choices make you no better.  There is always a solution, I know it may not seem like an easy choice.  Not everything is a walk in the park.  If you are not the Caption of your Life.  You’ll never be in control of your happiness. Just remember this simple phrase.  How many are or have lived this?

WHERE ARE THE GOOD…?  Right!  We have all said this when we were graced by idiots.  Don’t worry the good ones are also dealing with their idiots.  Sometimes this cycle gets stupid where when you do meet the Good Guy or Girl.  They get boring and you start looking for something more from your partner.  Perhaps with a little edge.  Or someone older.  Then when we meet those people, another chapter of drama starts.  Maybe you find the right partner.  I believe when it’s meant to be, you do find your partner.  But you can’t force it.  Most people force relationships to work.  That is a recipe for sadness, depression and a long long way to kill your soul.  How many are living like this or know someone who is?

EVER LASTING LOVE:  Yes it’s for real.  But it’s a two way effort.  I will write this from a man’s point of view.  My point of view.  I think in a relationship a man just at times needs to be a man!  Yes people can twist this in their own sicko negative way, but it’s meant as a positive gesture, not negative.  Like for example: Open doors.  Being romantic.  Doing things she likes.  Knowing what she likes.  Making her laugh.  Knowing not to argue when she’s having a bad moment or bad day.  Real men can sense these things.  And they don’t hold on to negative pasts.  All good effort if invested by two people equally always pays off.  The results are ever lasting soulmate kind of love.


  1. Every good relationship is based on understanding. Understanding the differences in both physical and mental weakness.

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