Your driving down a road aware of the motions of driving and all that surrounds you, but disconnected with the positive energy, motivation that you feel you need to have that hop in your step, spark in your voice and shine in your eyes.  Your sort of just going through the day to day motions of just being alive.

Don’t worry, your not alone.  Most people around you are in the same boat.  Think of that boat as a one person boat.  That is why many people feel disconnected.  There has to be this reason why we are all here?

“Our purpose can’t be to educate ourselves, work for a hierarchy system and they just die.  Sure in between, find love, fall in live, have a family, have a kid or two, a dog or a gold fish.  Give back to the unfortunate and other worth while charities.  Travel the world, save up for retirement and then look forward to old age and then finally die.   No matter where I go, what I do, or what I achieve, why do I still feel empty inside,” says Lisa.

“Sometimes I just feel like I am depressed.  And when I think about it, I may have been depressed for a very long time,” she tells me.  How do I snap out of this, she asks me?

That’s a tough question.  How to truly find happiness.  I look at her and tell her, “I think we at times tell ourselves, what we want to hear, instead of what we really need to hear.”

Lisa looks at me puzzled.

“You have a narrative of your life already all planned out.  You have thought of every option, choice you could make, the outcome of that choice.  Frankly, that’s a lot of thinking towards something that has never happened.  It could.  But instead of living your life a moment at a time.  Your killing those moments with your own narrative of negative thinking.  You’ve shut the doors to any new opportunities.  And even if they do come, you’ll be too blinded to see them.  As the aura of your negative circle around your body that you have drawn continues to grow, day by day!”

“Your right.  I have been doing that.  I don’t even know when I started doing this,” says Lisa to me.

“Something from your past experience started it and from that moment, or a later moment, it started to grow with fear first and then negative survival waves took over your rational and positive thinking.  I’m not 100% sure, just my two cents here, as everyone’s past always has an effect on their present,” I told her.


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