Who is Raaj Brar?  Some people might have their judgements about who I am, only a few really know who I am.  We’ve all been through a lot.  Who’s to say my struggles are more important.  Or my achievements are better than yours?  Its best not to place judgements on people as you pass through life.   The past in the past, its good to deal with it and once you have, leave it there and focus on the present.

In life, I’ve always been driven.  No matter what the drive may have been, or how ugly things around me got.  That passion takes you places, you can’t even imagine.  It teaches you about yourself.  And others around you!

We all long for answers to questions that really don’t have one set of right answers.  Why are we here?  Why do I have bad luck?  Why am I not happy? On this site are my lessons of life, love and hope!

The next chapter is being written as you read this, once its done – you will hear about it here!