About Raaj

About Raaj

Can’t sum me up; as I am changing with the times and new experiences.  People will place judgments on you based on their past experiences with you!  That is their right and choice; and if you’ve changed for the better according to your viewpoint, cause that’s the only one that matters; then your good.  The past in the past, its good to leave it there and focus on the present.

My life has taken me on lots of journeys.  Some paths were not mine, but may have seemed like mine at the time, because I stepped into someone else’s shoes!  Only to discover years later, those shoes were never meant for me.  

Life has taught me, we are always measuring our standards based on the perception of others reality that we want to see ourselves in.  Instead of our own!  That’s copycat living and its not authentic!

I’ve learned that blood is thinner than water.  Life is truly what you make it.  If you want to be sad about your past; your life will be an echo of you talking about your past to everyone!  

I’ve had several personal relationship!  Dated lots of girls!  Made some great friends along the way!  Opened a few businesses; some were successful, some were not!  Lost a parent!  These are just a few of the experiences, but they don’t make the sum of me!  I like to think I am unique.  I pick up on negative energy fast when in a crowded room!  I also pick up on other people’s fears and insecurities, even if I don’t know them from a distance!  Strange abilities, very thankful for them!  

This site is about me, so take a browse around, read a little.  Its amazing what words can do, when their put together in a particular way!  Its like a code, when read properly, it decodes our body’s DNA to either open up the third eye, or we fall asleep reading, cause its not our time yet!